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Dispatches: Hunted - What Came After

Channel 4’s Dispatches: Hunted has finished and i’ve never felt so emotionally charged in my entire life. Several points of the documentary had me in tears as a result of anger, sadness and grief.
Words are powerful tools, but in this case I can’t think of an appropriate word to how i’m feeling. I don’t even think there’s one word that could gather all my thoughts. Viewing the footage of LGBTQ people being lured, cornered, heated, humiliated and in some cases murdered was painful and made me feel a level of depression i’ve never experienced in my life.
Russia’s government allow this brutality to happen and if any of these Russian extremist say otherwise they’re wrong. It’s that simple. One Russian extremist had the nerve to say to me the yesterday that there’s no actual proof of these hate crimes and it baffled my mind. Hunted has proved it’s definitely evident (not that we ever doubted it, it’s all over YouTube for fucks sake).
If you haven’t seen it, i’m sure you’ll be able to catch it on 4OD or something. But please, please make sure you watch it. It’s hard hitting, upsetting and fucking atrocious, but it’s needed. It’s important to expose these monsters to the world.