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Channel 4 Dispatches: Hunted.

I know i've posted quite a bit of content about the hate happening in Russia right now, but this can't be ignored.

This is the type of stuff you'll see on tonights Channel 4 Dispatches. I can't believe people in 2014 can say these things and get away with it and have the support of their government. I can't say i'm overly proud of the UK, but I am definitely proud of the British people who stand up against this brutality. Companies like Lush, who I love, are putting themselves out there all over the world to help fight this fucking nonsense. I hope and pray that things in these anti-lgbtq countries gets better and quick, I can't stand to see much more of this happening. It's tearing humanity apart.

People are getting away with threats of violence and murder on camera and they're safe from prosecution because of their archaic leader. It's fucking wrong. Words can't get across just how angry I am with these people. There's a level of ignorance that I can stand, but these morons are going so far ABOVE that level and it's soul destroying.

People from my community are being killed and for what? A difference in who they show love towards? A difference in how people show their emotion through sex? It's fucking idiotic. These Russians are so proud of how they took down Hitler and Nazism, but they're showing the exact same ignorance as the Nazi's. They're living their lives under a Nazi mentality, but they're to blind with hate to see how it's so contradictory to their pride.