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Book Review: Great Speeches on Gay Rights edited by James Daley

I got this book a year or two ago now and it definitely stuck in my mind from the minute I finished it. Ever since learning I was gay, history of the LGBT community is something i've been interesting in learning, understanding and sharing with others. This little gem of a book holds some of the most important historical speeches given with the focus being LGBT issues and key individuals.

To me, one of the more memorable, if I can call it that, was that given by Harvey Milk (Harvey is also featured on the cover). Harvey was and will continue to be one of the most important figures in LGBT history. While he was a US citizen, his methods of speech and stance was definitely dominant in other countries, especially the UK. Some of the older speakers I had never heard of until I picked up this book, which is more like a valuable archive. For example, the Robert G. Ingersoll speech was new to me and i'm so glad it was featured, as it now has  firm place in my mind.

As much as I love it, I do hope they bring out a second volume with more current speeches. What with all the hate and violence happening around the world, I think it would valuable to gather some words from LGBT activists from 2011 to present day. That being said, it's a great introduction to gay history and those who paved the way for our equality. 

The book is available on Amazon and can be bought here