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Aurora Borealis Sighting in North East England

People in the North East of England were incredibly lucky to play host to the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, which were also spotted the whole length of the country. The North East of England usually always miss out on sights like this because of the solar winds not being strong enough or the weather being its usual crappy self, but last night we were the lucky ones with sights like the one above.

The image was taken last night around 23:45 on a freezing cold hill in Whitley Bay and they were a sight for the eyes. As Brian Cox mentions in his Wonders of the Solar System documentary, they appear to be rising up from the Earth, rather than defending from the skies and I have to agree with him on that. They truly are a spectacular sight and definitely froze me for a few moments. I have waited years to see them and finally they were visible enough from the North East, rather astonishing.

Astrologers and avid astronomers have said that tonight (Friday 28th Feb) the skies will once again be lit up with these visual sensations, so please keep an eye out online for radiation levels and predicted times. I usually go off Virtual Astronomer via Twitter (@VirtualAstro) and i've never been let down yet. After all, it's science, not guessing. But saying that, the radiation levels (KP Levels) can drop suddenly, so please bare that in mind.

For more advice on the Aurora Borealis and how to spot them visit this page here