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Searching For the Answer...and Failing

When I can't think straight, I try to write and when I can't write, I overthink the stuff I can't figure out. It's a vicious circle that really gives me a headache.

My life at the moment is pretty grim, I can't lie. Yes i'm surrounded by brilliant people who love me, but there's something missing from my life; something that I desperately want and need. I wish I knew what I could do to control and/or find a solution to it, but alas, I think i'm going to have to just let time do its work.

Something in me thinks I should take a trip to church tomorrow and listen to what has to be said. Maybe i'll find some hidden message in the words of God and i'll manage to snap myself out of this rut. I really would go, but there's one big problem; God may be up all hours, but getting up for 10:30 on a Sunday is pretty much impossible for me. And I think wallowing in my own bed may cover up this pretty shitty situation, if only for a short while.

On a completely unrelated topic, my fringe is getting so long that I now have to wear a hair grip for bed or else i'll wake up with a mouthful.