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Inspirational People: Louise Pentland aka Sprinkle of Glitter

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One of my SSB (secret single behaviours) is watching YouTube videos, mostly beauty and makeup videos; this is a mixture of product focus, tutorials and drag videos. Through my years of searching, I have came across this beauty of a person. Louise Pentland has a blog and a YouTube channel, which focuses on beauty, lifestyle and her beautiful baby girl, Darcy and I have become obsessed with her. She's quite well known these days from her YouTube channel and blog and has recently just hit 1 Million subscribers on YouTube, what an accomplishment.

Louise has a personality that I was instantly drawn too. She's hilarious, kind, loyal and most importantly welcoming. Not long ago she did a collaboration with Dan Howell of Danisnotonfire, where she waxed his legs and I found myself rather sad that I wasn't there with them. I know we'd get on well, or at least I think we would. 

Back to the point, why do I class her as an inspirational person? Well, as i've watched her story go on, i've noticed many things with her and other YouTubers, but mostly her. She hasn't changed her goal, which is to inform and entertain. She has stuck to her guns and continued to be her amazing, bubbly and welcoming self, even when she's had her down days. These down days were sad to watch, but I felt like they needed to be watched. Recently she posted a video which was focused around the loss of her mother and the anniversary of her passing; this video I could have easily skipped, but I watched it because I felt like she needed me to watch it. It's an odd theory, but I do feel like she wouldn't have posted it if she didn't want us to see it. She calls her 'fans' "sprinklerinos", and while I normally don't do the name thing, I do feel like i'm part of her life, no matter how small or important. I respect her for posting it and really admired her for it. Posting your pain into the world is a fucking hard thing to do and she did it and that, to me, deserves some serious respect.

Inspirational people to me are those who are true to themselves and have no mask to hide behind, and Louise is definitely fitting that description. I mean come on, she's open to admitting that she's not the best video maker or has the best of luck with her lighting set up (secretly, this is one of the funniest things about her videos. I've been there!)

Louise, if you get to see this, please believe me when I say that I am IN LOVE with you as a person. You are an absolute BABE and maybe one day we'll meet and I can experience your beautiful soul in person.

You can find Louise's blog here
And her YouTube channel here