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I Need Glasses!

So today I went to get my eyes tested for the first time ever and it turns out i'm short/near sighted in both eyes, which means I have now been prescribed with glasses! I pick them up tomorrow and quite frankly, i'm excited to go get them, not because I desperately want to have glasses, but I can't actually remember the frames i've chose...yes, silly me. The guy was in a bit of a rush to get my seen as there was a massive queue and I grabbed a few frames which caught my eye and I it got narrowed down to a certain pair.

If memory serves me well, which it usually does, I think I went for the ones below, which are a thick, dark navy pair and the description states that under most lighting they appear a really dark slate grey and then they appear navy under other lighting. I'm not entirely sure, but if they are the pair i've decided on, i'm really liking them.
The guy who was completing my order honestly asked me if i'd like the option of tinted lenses and for a moment, I really had to think about what a stupid question it was. Only certain people can pull off tinted lenses, and I am not one of them!