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I'm A Failure at Moving On

The problem with attempting to move your mind on, is that your brain fires all the positive thoughts into your conscious memory before trying to put them in the past. 

It makes me think about that idea of time travel and the the two glasses. You have an image of a whole glass and another of a broken glass and the idea is that you can't put the broken glass further back in time than the whole glass. But I think It works in the opposite way when it comes to the thought of someone you love. You'll always think of the negative, but the positives always out weigh, making you miss them more while forgetting their bad shit. If only you could put the positives further back in time than the negatives in order to help you move on by keeping the bad times fresh in your mind. 

I like to think of myself as a strong person, but when it comes to this one situation I'm a first class weakling. Stupid things make my mind go into overdrive and tonight my mind is going at 100mph.