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Hello 2014!

Happy New Years!

Last year I didn't set any resolutions to try and complete by the end of 2013 and I pretty much had the same plan this year, but then I thought, why not just try it for once and attempt to stick with it? But what could I try and stay focused on? I don't want to try and do too many, because I think that's where people fail.

After some thought, I've decided that something simple and rather easy will probably be the best thing to do this year and then work up to bigger things next year. So, I think my first resolution will be to maintain this blog and post on it at least three times a week and the second will be to try and control myself when it comes to boundaries, more so the boundaries of others. 

Now onto what I actually did for New Years celebrations,  I didn't really do much to mark the occasion, it was a quiet, but pleasant evening! Myself, Michael, Jess and Andrew stayed in, got a take away, watched some wrestling and saw in the New Year while watching over little Mia. Considering Mia is a newborn, I was impressed to see Jess and Andrew make it to midnight, to be honest. They went to bed not long after the ball dropped and that left Michael and myself. We stayed up a little while longer and talked. As I say, it was a pleasant little night.

I really can't be doing with a massive celebration on New Years Eve, it never goes the way you hoped. For the past four or something years we've went to a house party out friend Lees hosts, and while it can be fun in parts, it never ends well. It's always drama filled; too much bitchyness, arguments, tears, people who I really can't stand to be in the same room with and as last year proved, physical accidents. So I'm really over the whole going out and getting wasted. 

Many will probably read this and think that I had a boring celebration of the New Year, and while it may not have been the biggest, it was certainly one of the more enjoyable I've experienced. And I got to have a solid 8 hours sleep compared to the usual 3 (if I'm lucky).

Overall, it was a very nice way to see in the New Year; I was surrounded by people who love me and we had many great laughs. It also helped that Jess and Andrew's little baby Mia was there and I could break the ice queen role and melt into a big pile of goo whenever she smiled, but let's not go too much into that. I'm really a bitch. 

I hope your evening was great and you avoided drama, injury and tears!