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Five (possibly) Unknown Facts About Me

1 -Each day when I wake up I have the most intense back pain caused by a condition passed down through my family. When I speak about my pain, I don't think people take me too seriously. It is agonising and very restricting. 

 2 - As much as I loved studying Photography, I sometimes wish that I went down the route of makeup and stage makeup. I do think i've got a talent when it comes to a makeup brush and would have loved to have a career in it. 

 3 - When the photography app Hipstamatic release new lenses, films and other items I HAVE to buy them, regardless of whether I like them or not. It's almost verging on the obsessive; I think if I don't have the latest releases, i'm insanely behind in the world of Hipstamatic. 

 4 - I've kept a daily, online written dairy since 2009 and besides one person nobody else has read it. I get scared that someday someone will find it and confront me.

5 - I often have bizarre dreams where I die and I can see down on my own funeral to see who turned up. It's my way of knowing who was actually friends and who were just all an act.