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David Bowie - Valentines Day

David Bowie has been in my life for nearly twenty years. When my parents introduced me to their music, Bowie was definitely an artist that stuck out for me. The first song I heard was Ashes to Ashes and boy did it stay with me. The song had so many elements that I never got from the pop music of the time. The imagery in the video fascinated me, which was weird as i'm terrified of clowns. I always found myself looking deep at his eyes in amazement and to this day I still do that.

Almost twenty years on and i'm still a fan, especially of his new music. The Next Day is a fantastic album with some pretty amazing singles and stunning visuals to go with it. The video above is one of my favourites he's ever done. It's simple, yet powerful. No one can deny that Bowie has one of the most powerful faces ever known. Those eyes look straight through you and can freeze you instantly. He's quite a guy! When I think of it, Bowie is probably the reason i'm drawn to artists that has a striking appearance; Marilyn Manson, Wednesday 13, Murderdolls etc...

I suggest you check out the song above and maybe, if you like it, get the album and all of his past material. You will not be disappointed, I promise you.