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Book Review: Searching For God Knows What by Donald Miller

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years discusses a transformation of a man who was uncertain, confused and a tad angry at life into one grasping his life by the collar and making the most of it. Spending his life doing situation changing events such as cycling from one ocean to another, hiking the Inca Trail and finding his father, the story is proof that choosing a better life than your current one is effective and can have a permanent impact. The book, which focuses on the production of a movie based off his best selling memoir Blue Like Jazz, is powerful and has moments that pulls on the heart strings. 

Blue Like Jazz was one of my favourite reads and will always remain in my mind, so hearing the story behind the movie deal is very interesting me to. I was always hoping it was being made into a movie and got very excited when I found out through his words, especially when you take in his emotional struggle with the whole process.

One of my favourite things about reading Donald Miller creations is when you get an understanding of his life and how close it is to your own. Miller has struggles in his life that you wouldn't expect of a best selling writer, but alas, he has them. His realisation that the elements that make a movie great also can be transferable into his own life is powerful and very down to earth; it makes you really think about your own life and how it could be changed, or at least it did for me.

Blue Like Jazz has remained on my shelf since I first read it and A Million Miles has taken pride of place next to it. If you ever need something to help, like those days you're doubting or wondering where your life is going, give A Million Miles a read. It will give you hope and maybe inspire you to change your life and the story you're living.