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Artifact Rising's 8 Brilliant Photo Projects for the New Year

The Artifact Uprising just released a brilliant blog post with some very interesting photography projects you can do for the New Year, I'm going to attempt to do the Note to Self project and i'll post all the "selfies" i've taken at the end of the week in one post, to save annoying folk with daily upload of my face. Read below and head over to their blog to check out more amazing ideas! 

Nothing says stick-to-it like January 1st and nothing says commitment like an annual photo project. With each new year, I aim high to commit to a daily photo project and every year I seem to come up short. Instead I turn to admire those who made it all 365 days with an organized set of photos that tell the story of that year. What I most admire about these photo projects is the structure it lends to my jumble of photos. So alas – this year will be different! Here’s 8 photo projects we’re eying in 2014…
Artifact Uprising Softcover Photo Book | by @lamblovesfox
Image credit: @lamblovesfox
1) A 52 Project
“A Portrait of My Children, once a week, every week…”  Here are two that caught our eye in 2013 – and are sure to inspire you moving in to 2014
  • This one - I mean, does childhood look any better documented?!
  • And this one - a recap of 52 beautiful portraits…le sigh.
2) A 365 Project
For the ambitious few, this will get you behind your camera every single day with intention. Project Life 365 simplifies the task by providing daily creative cues like #winter #accessorized and so on. Follow the cues and be on your way to thinking differently behind the lens.
8 photo projects for the new year
3) Weekend Hashtag Projects
No one makes this easier than the one and only Instagram with their Weekend Hashtag Project. You’ll have a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog – but more importantly – their categories are pretty rad. Past challenges have included: #somethingoldsomethingnew, #cornered and #flyflyaway. Awesome? Awesome.
Or if you miss the boat on the weekend inspiration – some of our favorite ongoing hashtags to browse and participate in are: #makeportraits #vanlife and #fromwhereistand
8 Photo Projects for the New Year
4) One for the Dogs
 Make a star of your favorite pooch this year! You’ll have a hard time topping Theron Humphrey’s Maddie on Things but you’ll have a good time (I can’t speak for your pups!)
5) Past meets Present
Have you checked out the DEAR PHOTOGRAPH project? Stop reading right here and check it out. amazing…
6) Talking to Strangers
Everyone has a story to tell, this we know for certain. And some folks are making it a mission to unearth stories in those we pass by on the sidewalks. Perhaps the most famous project of the sort is Humans of New York. Pairing portraits with stories – this project has made headlines and warms hearts.
We’re also a fan of Billy Jack Brawner’s local version of the same idea #wewilltalktostrangers
7) But seriously
…or not. This project has an entirely different take: a war on seriousness? you bet!
8 photo projects for the new year
8) Note to self
Selfies anyone? Perhaps the most readily available project out there. Get creative with a self-timer and you’ll have everyone fooled. P.S. get weird. no one is watching…
Wherever your camera finds its aim this year, here’s to the creative adventure!
P.S. Looking to print last year’s project? Stay tuned – we have just the ideas coming your way!