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The 'Get To Know ME' Quiz

Talk about the first time you watched your favorite movie. 
I was about 4 years old when I first saw Halloween and I knew there and then it would pave my life. Since seeing that movie I have been obsessed with horror movies, especially the oldies. There’s something about those movies that modern productions can’t give me. I think part of the appeal is that when that movie was released, the people who saw it actually got scared and feared that maybe their child was unsafe being left with a babysitter incase someone wanted to recreate the murders of Michael Myers. That fascinates me.

Talk about your first kiss. 
My first real kiss was when I was like 11 years old, it was the first time i’d really experimented with other guys, but that wasn’t what made me Gay. I dated girls for like three years after that and came out when I was 14. I have been told many times by my parents that when I was in infant school (which I guess is the same as elementary school for you US readers) I would always be caught down at the end of the playground with a girl I was really close with and we’d be kissing.

Talk about the thing you regret most so far. 
Read my last answer. I suppose I regret not moving away for University, but that’s just a tiny regret.

Talk about the best birthday you’ve had. 
I don’t really have a favourite birthday, they all end up being pretty much the same as the years go by. I can’t remember any childhood birthdays and I don’t know why. I guess the one I enjoyed most was two years ago. A friend threw a party, I got drunk and we hit town.

Talk about the thing you are most proud of. 
I’m most proud of being the first person in my family to graduate University, sadly my family don’t see it as a great achievement because it was in Photography.

Talk about the worst dream you’ve ever had. 
I had the most realistic dream to date and it was that my best friend had died by being hit by a car. It was fucking traumatising because the dream ended by me being taken home from the hospital and getting into bed and falling asleep, but I woke up just as I fell asleep, so I woke up thinking it was all real.

Talk about the first time you had sex/how you imagine your first time. 
I think the first time was pretty fucking good considering it was the first time for both of us. 

Talk about a vacation. 
I love going to Europe. Italy, France, Germany and Finland have been my favourite places so far.

Talk about a time you had to turn someone down. 
About two years ago. I fucked things up bad with this guy. Having to say no to him was fucking horrible, but I wasn’t in a good place to say yes.

Talk about your worst fear. Loosing the people I love. 
I couldn’t cope having to wake up knowing they weren’t with me anymore, one especially. Knowing he wasn’t at the end of a phone or bus ride would destroy me.

Talk about a time someone turned you down. 
This one is a slap in the face. He spoke to me, he kept me talking, he made the effort, he badgered me to go on a date with him and then he dropped me to get back with his ex. It was insulting and made me feel fucking vile.

Talk about what turns you off. 
Overly feminine traits and appearance, smooth bodies, long finger nails and a lack of common sense.

Talk about what you think death is like. 
Good question! I’d like to think death is how people want it to be like, where you go through all your dead relatives to the white light, but it’s probably not like that at all. Realistically, you’ll die and you decay, but that’s also appealing; nourishing the earth that helped you live is a great payback. The idea of being born again into a different body is cool, but i’m not sure how i’d feel not knowing my past life.

Talk about a place you remember from your childhood. 
One of the caves down on the seafront. I’d go there on a weekend with my dad and sister. They’d take off down the beach and pick me up when it was time to leave.

Talk about what you do when you are sad. 
I usually watch shit tons of crappy TV, drink lots of tea and sleep.

Talk about the worst physical pain you’ve endured. 
When I was aged 7 and 14 I had major operations to remove tumours from my right ear canal and skull. Having part of your skull removed and replaced with a metal plate, screws and wire fucking hurts. Sleeping is a nightmare when your ear is packed full of medical bandages soaked in iodine, putting pressure on insanely sensitive scar tissue on your head.

Talk about things you wish you could stop doing. 
Pushing boundaries.

Talk about songs that remind you of certain people. 
30 Seconds to Mars - Closer to the Edge reminds me of Michael and Marilyn Manson - Devour reminds me of Sean. I have others, but those are the two most dominant reminders.

Talk about the end of something in your life.