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The End of 2013

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I can't lie, 2013 has been a mixture of some of the best moments in my life and some of the worst. On a positive note, i've had new arrivals in my family and friends, i've visited one of my favourite cities and experienced some moving and life changing events; but on the negative, i've had people leave my life, move away and i've had friendships end. Sadly, that is life.

I am hoping that 2014 will be a much stronger year for me. I'm wanting to find the job of my dreams, gain new experiences and hopefully get over some personal problems that are constantly showing their ugly heads.

I can't say I know of what's around the corner, but I am hoping it's all positive for me and my friends. One in particular, he has been in a bit of a slum as of late and I hate seeing him like this, so I wish mountains of good luck his way.

I will be seeing New Year in with friends, having a quiet night of drinks, food and much deserved laughter. I hope you all have a wonderful and sage New Years Eve, with a stream of good luck in 2014