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Feeling a Tad Lost.

I'm so fucking lost at the moment and I can't seem to snap myself out of it. I'm constantly thinking i've underachieved and i'm not living my life properly and it's fucking infuriating. I find myself getting upset over stuff i've never let get to me before. It's only been the past six months that all of it seems to be making itself known.
It's coming so fast that I can't seem to stop it and that's really worrying to me. I've always been a strong person, yes I have many flaws, but expressing my true, sad emotions i've always kept to myself or let maybe one or two people know about it, but lately it has been made very public and i'm not comfortable with that at all.
How does one snap themselves out of a rut when they're clueless as to how they landed in it in the first place?