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Book Review: Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller

I was introduced to this book through the story To Write Love On Her Arms (i'll make a post about this at a later date) and was rather curious so I bought it without reading into it. What I never expected was to come out of reading it with such an emotion filled heart. 

With it being focused on Christian spirituality, but describing it in a non-religious way, it appeared to me that it may hold some credibility and not be another one of those depressing books full of irritating preaching and a try-hard attitude to converting the non religious. I myself had some doubts about faith and my own beliefs, so I wanted to read on and what I found was pleasantly surprising. 

After a good few chapters it was obvious that the book was written with actual love for faith and literature. It's not at all pretentious. It's simply a story of one man, his honesty, his friends and their faith. 

His writing is easy, friendly and thought provoking. He uncovers stories from his life that have moulded his personality and that have been the structure of his beliefs, as well as making known problems in his own life that readers could easily identify with.

The book is easy to fall in love with and I have a few chapters that have clearly made an impact on my mind and heart. I don't want to go into too much detail, but there's one part in the Grand Canyon that really sticks in my mind. It's a beauty!

Some aspects of his story could easily be found on a movie screen in my opinion, but I was proven wrong when they released a movie based off the book and featured slimline and edited versions of beautiful writings and important metaphors. It was slightly disappointing, but I can understand why they had to do so (especially with the help of Millers other books A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: How I  Learned to Live a Better Story and Searching for God Knows What.

Overall, i'd definitely recommend it to anyone who is fighting their faith, who has questions about spirituality without being faced with a preaching pastor or those who want to destroy negative stereotypes. It really does make you realise why so many people on our planet believe in God.