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"You've been around, but you've changed me"

"you've been around, but you've changed me"

Almost 10 years ago I was going through a weird part of my life, lots of things were changing and I was not feeling myself; it was certainly a dramatic alteration. After 6 months of leaving hospital, I was getting my life back on track when I was introduced to someone who would essentially change my life once again. Admittedly, it wasn't the perfect first meeting and in my usual way, I was a temperamental little shit, but either way, I knew this guy was something else. 

I can honestly say I don't remember when I realised Michael was my best friend, but I know i've never doubted it. I had many people who were very close to me before I met him, but it seems like that life is completely separate these days. Arriving at a time when change was happening, I suppose my body and mind saw it as a fresh start and just went with it.

Our friendship has two sides, there's the side that is very public and the other that exists only in our own company. People often tell me that they know we're insanely close, but I can't help but wonder what they'd think if they saw the private side to our relationship. Almost every mood and emotion i've experienced he has seen and had to deal with it, whether he wanted to or not.

2013 has been a very strong year for us, we've experienced quite a lot and I hope it's not the end when this year ends come Tuesday evening. If you're reading this Michael, I just wanted to say thank you for being you. I tell you daily that I love you, but this is me putting it out there in the public side of our friendship, which I think has some power to it.

I'm very much looking forward to 2014 and whatever has in store for us, both separately and together. Maybe we could go for a few trips away, more trips to the beach and more secret sharing late at night.