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Post Tattoo Dry Skin Solution: LUSH Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub

I've recently had another tattoo added to my never ending canvas and experienced dry skin on the area once the tattoo had finally healed. I've mentioned in an earlier post that you can use Lemmony Flutter, which also helps, but I forgot to mention that this product can be used before that to help it along even more.

Once your tattoo is healed enough to be able to scrub your skin, you should get a small amount of this shower scrub and give your new tattoo a light exfoliation. Put it on the skin dry and rub lightly. You don't need to apply much force as Rub Rub Rub has Sea Salt which will do all the hard work for you. I've found doing this will get rid of that layer of skin that has been forced to grow to protect the tattoo during healing, and since it's also a cleaning product, it leaves your skin feeling nice afterwards.

I must stress though, don't use this on fresh tattoos or on areas that aren't fully healed - it will cause irritation to the tattoo and draw out the ink. Only use on healed, non sensitive areas of the new tattoo.

You can pick this up in any LUSH store and through their online store. I only have a small tub, which I got in a gift set, but that's all I need.

It retails for £7.95 for 330g and can obviously used for other things, not just tattoo after care. You could use it as a general scrub or in your hair for added texture and volume, to name a couple.