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    My name is Graeme and I am a photographer, LGBTQ activist, video maker & blogger. I enjoy sharing things, which is why I've been drawn to blogging and social media. Blogging allows me to have my own platform to talk about the things I feel need to be discussed and those that are important to me. My blog isn't primarily focused on one topic, I like to think of it as an amalgamation of all blogs circulating the web at the moment. I'll do a bit of everything, from product reviews, book talk, politics discussion and general life updates. I hope you all enjoy my space, and feel free to get in touch.

    It's Tuesday, you've got great food on the go and you're ready to sit down and watch the Great British Bake Off, only to realise you've got nothing sweet in the house to enjoy during the show. This is where these quick and easy biscuits come into play. Within an hour you'll have plenty of biscuits to enjoy!

    What you'll need: 

    • 200g of room temperature dairy-free butter. I would suggest Vitalite!
    • 100g of golden caster sugar
    • 300g of sifted plain flower
    • 1 tea spoon of vanilla paste

    Let's do this!

    1. First cream the butter, sugar and vanilla together in a bowl. I personally suggest a glass or ceramic bowl. Plastic will hold oils and flavours from previous use, despite how many times and thoroughly you clean it.

    2. Once everything is combined, add the sifted flour a little at a time to make sure you're mixing it through well. It should soon start to form into a dough.

    3. Now you have your dough, place the bowl in the fridge for 30 minutes. This will help firm up the butter making it melt when baking, resulting in a mouthwatering biscuit. During this time, preheat your oven to 160c or 140c (fan) and line a baking sheet with some non-stick parchment.

    4. Once half an hour has passed, roll out your dough with a floured rolling pin until it's 1/2 cm thick. Don't use too much flour, you only need enough to make sure the dough doesn't stick. You could use icing sugar, if you want that extra sweetness! 

    5. Cut your biscuits into your desired shapes, place onto your baking sheet and sprinkle with a little extra caster sugar.

    6. Bake for 12 - 15 minutes until golden brown at the edges, turning half way through for an even bake.

    7. Take out of the oven and transfer over to a cooling rack. Leave to cool for 10 minutes before decorating.

    8. Enjoy!

    . Monday, October 22, 2018 .

    popular posts

    . Sunday, August 26, 2018 .

    I'm writing this from my front room. It's August 26th, and in the height of summer...or so we should be. Instead, it's raining, the wind is picking up and i'm sat wrapped in an Ikea blanket, with a candle burning and i'm about to finish the 3rd coffee of the morning. So yes, the height of summer, just a typically English one.

    The blogosphere is alive with 'summer favourites' posts, so I figured i'd leap into this whirlwind of uploads and contribute with my own. I'm calling it my 'essentials' - a combination of every day uses, household items and good reads!

    So here it is! Have a read, leave a comment and have a good time!

    Quite possibly my favourite candle maker of all time is Makers of Wax Goods and if you're lucky, you can scavenge amongst the endless stock of candles in Homesense or T.K. Maxx and find these for an incredibly price. Considering they're online for around the $15-$20 mark, these can be picked up at a bargain price between £5-£10; a shiny pearl amongst a pile of gravel if you ask me. Makers of Wax Goods candles are proving to be more difficult to find, so when you do come across them, I would suggest grabbing them. Let's talk about the scent.

    The Cherrywood and Cassis is such a great option to go for should you find it. It's sweet, fruity and has depth, but isn't too sickly. I first thought it would be too much, but burn it in a room that isn't the size of a shoe box and you're on for a winner. The Cassis (or Blackcurrant as it's more commonly known as) is perfect for a summer burst throughout your environment, even in summer, but it would definitely burn wonderfully in the later end of summer and into autumn.

    The Cherrywood isn't too strong in this candle, but definitely gives it a distinct note. It helps this scent be more manageable when burning for longer periods of time. Without the wood note, I think it would be far too intense for me.

    Some good things to know. These candles come with standard wicks and also a wood wick. I tend to always go for wood wick candles, but that's just personal preference. They burn for quite a while and when extinguished the oils will solidify and i'm always surprised by how little it has burned away. You get a long use out of this brand.

    Earlier in the year I got in contact with the brand to ask about their animal testing policy and while they didn't offer me a huge amount of information, they did reassure me that they're not tested on animals. It's a win for me! Great candles, strong scent profile and they're not harming any animals in the manufacturing. 

    Now, we know i'm a sucker for a Lush exclusive. When the Lush Kitchen changed, the world thought the end was nigh for special, limited edition items - definitely not the case!

    Lush Kitchen has continued to release these highly sort after products, just with more time between each launch. One of the latest was Lush Kitchen community shower gels in scents taken from previously released products. This is where Avocado Wash comes into play. Sharing its scent with the popular Avocado Co-Wash, this has skyrocketed to being one of the most loved products by Lush.

    What does it smell like? If you live in the U.K you'll be fully aware of Twister ice cream lollipops and the distinct smell and taste that comes with them. This shower gel smells exactly like that. Fruity, sharp, zingy and incredible. A combination of fresh Avocado, Gardenia, Olibanum and Litsea gives it the distinct scent we all love and boy does it linger on the skin!

    I've been using it very sparingly simply because you can't get it anymore! I have two bottles. 500g and that's it. That scares me. I love this so much and don't want to stop using it. Yes I could go out and buy another big chunk of Co-Wash, but it's just not the same.

    Hopefully this will make another appearance soon. Maybe at the Lush Showcase?

    And finally my go-to fragrance for summer. Lush's Gorilla Perfume volume IV perfumes came out just over a year ago and they've been going down a storm. Popular with a lot of Lush customers, each perfume stands alone as a solid, stable scent. Inspired by stories around the theme of "home", volume IV offers us a mixture of sweet, warming, comforting, and most importantly, wearable perfumes.

    What Would Love Do? is one of several that made it to all Lush U.K. stores. It's a subtle blend of Lavender and Tangerine, which makes for a delicate perfume that lingers on the skin, standing the test of time, just like the art project that inspired it.

    July saw a heatwave hit the U.K. and that's where this perfume really came to life. The warmth of my skin really allowed the Tangerine to leap out and be prominent. The lavender would still be there, but be a slight whisper in the background.

    This perfume has been everywhere with me and will continue for a little while longer; it has a permanent place in my bag until the weather changes for autumn. It's definitely one to check out, for sure!

    And that's my three summer go-to items. As always, i've found myself going back to scent. I don't think i'll ever be able to give up my love for perfume, so it doesn't surprise me. Three different products, three very different scents.

    Product where available will be tagged in this post. I would definitely suggest you try and get your hands on these wonderful items - you wont be let down! 
    . Monday, April 09, 2018 .

    I don't know if you know this, but I really love house plants. Ever since moving to Poole at the start of last year, I knew I wanted to completely change up my room and the kind of atmosphere it has within it. My bedroom back home was totally different; dark wood, lots of darker soft furnishings and a godsend of a blackout blind resulting in low light - it's just how I liked to live back then.

    Now, however, things are totally different. My room is now bright, airy, white with splashes of pastel pink and, due to my ever-growing collection of houseplants, shades of green. 

    Want to know more about my green beauties? Let's do this...
    . Sunday, April 08, 2018 .

    My last blog post was on April 22nd, 2017, almost an entire year ago, give or take a week or so and my goodness how life has changed. When I last posted, I was photographing product on a wooden table, on a balcony of an apartment that wasn't mine. I was staying there as a result of an internship with Lush Digital and here I am, one year on, and I'm fully immersed in the Digital experience as a full-time member of staff, producing LGBT+ content.

    So what have I been up to? Lets get into it!

    . Saturday, April 22, 2017 .

    You may have seen this skincare flying around the internet as of late. The Ordinary by DECIEM has definitely taken the beauty world by storm and everyone wants to get their hands on it! After trying it myself, I can understand why.

    I've been using The Ordinary on and off for about three months; I was sent a bottle of the Alpha Lipoic Acid 5% by a friend to try out. Trying that one product was enough for me to go ahead and splash out on some of the other skincare in their range. It was an awesome product. And with that, let's dive into the selection I've picked up this month.