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The Ordinary Skincare Everyone Wants

You may have seen this skincare flying around the internet as of late. The Ordinary by DECIEM has definitely taken the beauty world by storm and everyone wants to get their hands on it! After trying it myself, I can understand why.

I've been using The Ordinary on and off for about three months; I was sent a bottle of the Alpha Lipoic Acid 5% by a friend to try out. Trying that one product was enough for me to go ahead and splash out on some of the other skincare in their range. It was an awesome product. And with that, let's dive into the selection I've picked up this month.

Beard Shampoo Fail | Brisk Tea Tree & Cedarwood

I've never been one to dabble in the beard shampoo market. The last product I really enjoyed that was targeted for beards was Kalamazoo by Lush since it also doubled as an enzymic facial wash, which suited my skin. It was a win-win product. Over time, my skin changed and now Kalamazoo was no longer suitable. Until now, I've been sticking with other shampoo options from Lush, such as Soak and Float.

Enter Brisk and their Tea Tree & Cedarwood beard shampoo. What made me choose this one and what do I think of it? Let's get into it, shall we?

Neal's Yard | Bath Oil Review

Neal’s Yard is a brand I see a lot about, but I've never actually tried them out for myself. So getting one of their products as a birthday gift was the perfect way to dip my toe in and give them a try!

As you can see, I was given the Geranium & Orange bath oil. Oils are something I really can get on board with, as an addition to other bath products like bath bombs and bubble bars. I think oils are perfect, in fact, and this one doesn’t fall short.

Coffee Saloon, Lush Spa and Office Photography

February 28th, 2017 will go down as one of the better days. It was good, great, in fact. The day started with a coffee, but not just any coffee. I ventured to the ever so popular Coffee Saloon, here in Poole. Their store is a visual delight; reclaimed wood, scaffolding, and bare red brick illuminated by warm vintage lightbulbs. The shop is only a small space, but it does have great impact.

The Hookup | Top 10 Checklist

Two years and a lot of travelling around has opened my mind to the idea of a hook up. Prior to moving around the country for various reasons, I was never really into the idea of hooking up, but now, as a single, gay man, i’m on the hunt for a little fun.

I’m far from the master, but I do have some nuggets of wisdom I can share. This may be obvious, but to some it could be all alien. So here are a few suggested preparatory tasks to consider before taking the plunge.